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So the lady in question again kept a letter on our doorstep. She says ‘I don’t want to sound boring’, but we are still making a lot of noise, and she would be very happy if we could reduce it. She apparently is not well, and hence every sound is probably amplified for her. Now while I can empathise with her situation, I cannot fix something which according to me is not a problem. I cannot stop walking, I cannot start gliding. I cannot make less sound than I currently do coz then I would have to be either a cat or a ghost, and I prefer to become neither right now. Plus if I turned into a poltergeist, it would only mean more trouble for her.

What offended me most (and will have you all ROFLing) is that in the first letter, she had compared our (me and roomie) walking style to that of a herd of horses galloping across. Now, she has upgraded us to a herd of elephants running up and down the apartment. Well, the consolation here is that she has dead-ended herself; now no matter how much more noise we make, she cannot find anything bigger than the largest land mammal in existence to compare us with.

I am not all without heart though.. so I replied nicely and included a bunch of flowers for her (Munnabhai-style) but only popped them in her mail box instead of handing over to her. It’s been 2 days and she hasn’t collected the letter or the flowers still. The flowers are now dead and I am regretting my impetuosity.

I hope she’s not that ill!