Why in the whole wide world do apparently sane people forward daft emails? You know, the ones like , Bill Gates is giving away his fortune. I have received this particular one no less than thrice from different people in my address book, people whom I would normally classify as ‘alright-and-not-idiots’ sorts.

Then there was another person who sent a similar forward to about 20 of her contacts, most probably none of them knowing each other. Someone did a reply-all ‘Why are you forwarding such stupid emails, P? It doesn’t work’ . This snowballed with more people replying. Reading those replies, I thought it very harsh at the moment but now I think that’s what I am doing the next time something similar lands in my inbox!

Other updates are – I am travelling back next Sunday. Yes, the month just flew by. I now have an ever-expanding list of tasks and a reducing timespan in which to do them. Ah well, such is the story every time I have to move.

What’s up with y’all?