The mystery of the mysteriously appearing water in our living room (if you want to read that post, go search – I am feeling too lazy to link up! A few useful keywords are spooked, osmosis, and Spain. There, that makes it sound a lot more interesting. πŸ˜€ ) has been solved. And the theory propounded by the ladies Raysh and DewD-ette of it being Ghosts holds no substance. Chronologically speaking, this post also ought to have been posted sometime in August, but, laziness works in strange ways again.

So, it was a dark and scary night and the roomie and I were sitting in our semi-lit room, busily surfing away. Heh. Couldn’t resist that. Anyway, we were both surfing away on our respective laptops, when there was a sudden noise of something pitter-pattering in the room. This went on to become some major Pitter-Pattering. We both looked around and then saw some water (I lie, it was more like a lot of water) accumulating on the floor. Then, we noticed it was gently cascading down from the ceiling.

After our hearts returned to their respective positions, we went upstairs and knocked. Turns out, someone had just taken a nice long wallow in the bath-tub (or what my roomie calls ‘the mandakini-snan’ πŸ˜€ ), pulled the plug, and the water like an obedient child listening to its mum, followed the law of gravity.

Since, that’s all there was to it, we just asked those guys not to use that bathroom (I really hope they had another! ), and called up the leasing agency. I hope they have had it repaired by now, or the next unsuspecting tenants will have to re-solve this mystery for themselves.