There is a profound silence. It doesn’t mean anything more or less than that are veritable dams waiting to be breached. A 101 thoughts rush through, some as random as …

1) why do some people have more restrictions on their blogs, which totally restrict a person’s ability to comment? And then i have seen some bloggers go out and post/crib about lurkers not leaving comments. They should make it easier, y’know.

2) Shouldn’t Bollywood be renamed to Punjukhet? It shows hardly much else these days!

3) Some people display their niece/nephews’ pics on orkut/gtalk/as a status message. While I am sure they don’t care what anyone else might think, I find it very weird that they flaunt this to such an extent they have nothing else out there. It’s surely a very personal thing, and if they love this, I am no one to comment. But, I find it very odd, not the least ‘coz, you know, where are they going to put their own kids pics when they have some?

4) Why is nice = boring? It’s an association most people including me, make.

5) An innocent typo in some code I saw – SingingResponse instead SigningResponse. Made me imagine some services which gave their responses as warblings and flutings instead of staid code or fields.

6) Indian television is so boring these days. I know it’s been that way for a long time now.. but… DD completed ’50 Golden Years’ recently. I wish they at least would go back to what they used to show when we were kids. 😦

7) The WP editor now shows up grammatical corrections while writing. It really shows me, more than anything else, how long it has been since I posted!