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From my observation ~
10 odd readers, out of which,
4 regular ones (Thank you folks! 🙂 )

Boring stats over, now for some fun. Written by SEV. Yes you can throw the brickbats at him for all the crap you read on my blog; he made me start blogging. 😛

For the longest time, if I have needed something really random, who do I check out? Alice. Random drops of water? Check. Random pointless observations about life? Check. Random conversations? Check. Hell, one of my more random fantasies happened over IM with her. To my memory that one actually started because I wanted to say that the joke was so bad I died laughing about it. And ended up exploring the outer confines of losing corporeal form. Ah well.

This is not to say that she is completely off-her-rocker. I would say that she is only slightly so. It takes some lack of being off-your-rocker to be able to note down the more smart ideas. I would link to the correct category here too, but dear darling Alice does not believe in categories, only in tags which are non-specific to her blog.

I’m not really sure what her anniversary post should be like. Aping her randomness is a little hard, and talking about the way we met, and talked, and chatted, and so on and forth seems a little… clichéd. Blabbity-blah, it’s been _ years, blah-blah-amazing-fun, first-meeting-blah-blah-moon-launch, blah-no-contact, invasion-blah-Elvis is back-etc, yes-minister-blah-British-humor-blah, and so on and forth.

That passage may actually be partially true too. Did that seem convincing?

Dammit, I just found the tag for her specific concoctions. And that para was illustrating my point so well too.

Back to the topic at hand. It strikes me that I should be a little nice to her. Why? (1) She asked me to write an anniversary post (yeah, I know what was she thinking, right?), and (2) gently mocking her on her own blog seems a little facetious. In addition to her wondrous randomness (time to overuse those links!), she is also one of the few people with whom banter can be abstrusely literary (that’s supposed to be a comment on her wondrous intelligence, BTW). Time and again, she has also provided literary inspiration to me too (what is life without some pimping of the self, eh?).

For those who came in late” (borrowing a line from one of my favorite comics )so far I’ve genuinely tried to ensure you guys have a reason to hope Alice’s blog continues to provide a daily dose of random. Otherwise I’ve hopefully pimped my own blog enough that I steal all her readers (assuming we have different ones). Now that I think about it, above line is also something that a teacher in Agrawal Classes said to me every day over the summer (which is one more place we could have met…but didn’t) .

Wishing ‘Spaghetti~Thoughts’ a happy blogiversary and hoping for many more to come.

p.s. I’ve wondered for 3 years: why Spaghetti specifically? Why not Macaroni? Fettuccine? Campanelle?

If you are wondering what prompted this, it is this.

Drie is dutch for three.