~ The little girl of about 5 at the bus stop, writing away with intense concentration on a diary which must belong to her father sitting nearby. After all, no one so tiny could possibly own a diary so large.

~ A lady waiting for a bus, redefining fashion. Saree-clad, she had a bulging cloth bag perched neatly and symmetrically on her head. For all the world, it looked like a jaunty and successful, if unorthodox, hat.

~ There is a section under a flyover, which I usually cross over on my way home. There is always a homeless vagrant there, who has claimed that place as his own. Yesterday, I found him sweeping every inch of his turf, cleaning out every piece of trash thrown by the passersby,and collecting it all at a point outside ‘his’ section before lying down to sleep. Dignity of the homeless? A job as a sweeper in some lifetime? Fastidious habits even when thrown on the road?

I wonder..