The year draws to a close. No, I am not giving you an end-of-the-year semi-sweet-bitter looking-back-and-forward kind of post. Not because I think there’s anything wrong with those kind of posts, but because I don’t think I can write one such anymore.  I am not sure what I can write anymore anyway, but I am going to try.  Incidentally, this is post number 367. I don’t know why I find that significant, but I do, so it’s typed in here.

One of the stranger things I noticed recently while fiddling with my phone, is a feature called -Fake calls. Apparently, if there is an emergency, and you press certain buttons (on the phone i.e.) you can receive a ‘fake call’. While I hope never to have to depend on it, I am puzzled.. I don’t really see the significance. Do you?

These days I have mostly been flipping through old Nat Geo issues by the dozen, learning trivia such as the Lake Baikal is the deepest lake on earth; and wondering what does one need to do in order to get a job as a photographer at such mags. This, obviously, only on those days when I am not exhausting my brain cells and patience in the office for seemingly infinite hours.

Anyhow, I have finally joined the library I had posted about last year (librarywala). Seems good, so far. Will post a verdict once I am a regular member/user. The link, yeah, will include that when I post.

Obviously, I have been wanting to write since quite a while, but there hasn’t been any single topic, so I just jumbled it all together and presented the mash, making this my randomest post till date. 🙂