‘Tea’. ‘Coffee’.

It was meant to go downhill.

‘Tiramisu for dessert’. ‘I don’t have a sweet tooth’.

‘Please take away the candle’. ‘Let’s not spoil the romantic mood’.

Your risotto sir. Madam, the fish you ordered is not available. What can I get for you instead?

‘Why are you mad at me? It’s not my fault’. ‘Sorry, but it is. Why did you book here today’?

‘Why don’t you order for us’? ‘I’ll have the tomato on ciabatta as a starter. He’s not having anything’.

‘You look like you are enjoying this’. ‘Oh yes,  I try’.

‘Impossible. Can you not arrange something..’? ‘Let’s adjust, shall we, sweetheart’?

Madam. Sir. There has been a mistake.

A table, double-booked by mistake, in an over-full restaurant during Christmas.


P.S. Do read it both ways.