Bhalai ka zamaana hi nahi raha!

–For those not knowing Hindi, above sentence means the same as the title–

So I was travelling to office yesterday, by public transport. This lady climbs in and stands near my seat. There is no empty seat on the bus. On the seat right before mine, a man sits with his arm all along the backrest, making it appear his kid or some other tiny person is seated next to him.

Now, the lady stands for quite a while, and it looks like she is preggo. I (from goodness of the heart and all that. my parents brought me up properly, you know!) offer her my seat – obviously, assuming she is preggo, otherwise, she can stand for all i care. The lady nods and sits down, without even a word of thanks, please note. The conductor steps up for my ticket and asks me ‘Why did you get up?’ Good question, except I can’t announce to the entire bus that the lady seems pregnant and might need a seat.

And then, ladies and gentlemen, after taking in the conductor’s question, she points me to the seat ahead which I had thought was occupied, but is actually not, and tells me “You can sit there.”

If mademoiselle knew it was empty, couldn’t she have sat there, rather than standing forlornly next to me?