..distilled into a suitcase.

Sounds quite dramatic, doesn’t it? Well, this post is a bit dramatic.

I was watching Dante’s Peak (http://imdb.com  ‘enter’) the other day. A scene from the movie, on top of the existing natural disasters which are rocking the world (read: major earthquakes in Chile, Afghanistan, Japan, tsunami warnings et all) put me into an introspective mood.

In the scene, the mayor asks her kids to pack a suitcase each, ‘coz they have to be ready to evacuate the town due to an imminent volcano eruption.

Hypothetically, if you have to urgently evacuate your house for any reason whatsoever and have just time enough to fill a backpack, do you know what all valuable things (and I don’t mean a Wii or your car keys) you absolutely need to take with you? Do you know where they all are located, or will you be forced to hunt around for them, losing precious time? Have you ever discussed an evacuation plan with your family?

My answer was ‘No, I have never thought about any of this.’ It is sad, but I am remedying this fact. Are you?