I have returned – not with a brilliant post, but a mail which made me laugh.

A friend forwarded me a mail with a link to a social corner on my company’s network, where some genius has observed and posted that employees aren’t happy leaving their wife at some location or for some other company. He is requesting the company to start a marriage beuro for the employees, so they will get the option to select their lifepartner, and the couple can be happily employed with the company for the rest of their life.

I know IT companies have overworked people, and office-romances flourish like bay trees, but this gent’s expectation of having the company take care of you is just too much. Expectations notwithstanding, he absolutely wins for such an idea with immense entertainment value. Damn, I am almost tempted to brush up a story out of that premise.  

P.S. Grammatical errors posted above do not belong to me.