Certainly not to London to see the Queen. I have been in that phase of a software engineer’s life, which is eagerly awaited after what seems like years of back-breaking labour and on attainment, feels like nothing else can ever compare to the goodness of which. Yes, the Bench. So, for two months, I have just been lounging around the house, becoming a couch potato. If you get tanned and sunburnt while being a couch potato, do you automatically become couch potato fries? I digress. So, in addition to slowly being fried, I was busy surfing -the internet, not the ocean- , watching loads of mindless TV, reading as if I-just-discovered-how-to-and-now-can’t-get-enough-of-it and taunting poor colleagues who were wasting years in the office and were turning green (not, due to lack of air, or even eco-friendliness. Jealousy.) at my freedom.

Ah, you are smart. You figured I haven’t mentioned blogging once. You say I should have blogged more often when I had time, and not less often. The answer lies in imagination. A pre-requisite for blogging. The imagination was also taking a holiday you see. It returned once, in full form, to submit this and then tired but happy, balked at further jobs.

During this bout of surf-crazyness (I can spell it with a y too!), I have stumbled upon some blogs, which will slowly but surely get added to my blogroll. However, one site & associated blog which I want to mention right here right now is London Delhi By Road, which has excited every single travel-happy cell in my body. Never done any big-time explorations, maybe never will, but I love what these guys are planning to do. Already. They are not on any NatGeo type payroll, in fact, are seemingly ordinary people with regular day-jobs. And yet they are going for this really big adventure.

I am so rooting for them.