There is a tag floating around – my sins against gender stereotypes. Been tagged by Dewdette, who hasn’t put up her entry yet. 😀

So this is supposed to be a tag where I list ten things I have ever wanted or done which my gender is not supposed to do. Hmm. Rather thought-provoking, since every successive generation grows more modern and liberated than the previous. So what might have been tabboo for women in my grandmother’s age may be fairly acceptable now. Looking at it that way, I have done a lot of things women my grandmother’s generation would not have been allowed to do – Study upto whatever level I wished to, stay alone, travel overseas alone, work in a male-dominated industry, wear trousers, choose not to get married at the age of 20, have male friends.. the list is endless.

However, if you look at it as things women are not supposed to do in this day and age, well, that’s a bit difficult. My parents have brought me up pretty much without many restrictions. No, I am not a wild-child, but there haven’t been clauses ‘ you can’t do this because you are a girl’, or ‘your brother is allowed to do this but you can’t’. Restrictions there were/are, but more because of common sense than the above reasons. Getting why this tag is difficult, now? 🙂

I haven’t been able to list ten things though.. so don’t put me in the box of ‘girls can’t do math’ 😛

  • I have always been one for tools & tool-boxes. I loved to tinker around with broken radio sets, and other electrical/mechanical stuff as a kid and was usually the one to rush for the soldering iron at home if some wires came apart.
  • In sync with above point, I have been the one to (try and ) fix any domestic applicances, change light-bulbs, climb up on counters to fix hard-to reach fixtures. Especially more so when I was staying away from home.
  • I vaguely remember riding a full-size gents’ bicycle when I was around 12-14 years of age. Ofcourse, I don’t think I managed to stay on for more than 5 minutes, but hey, I tried. 😀
  • As a kid, I played not only with dolls and stuff, but also played all the rough-and-tumble games with the neighbourhood gang of kids. Ran, pushed, shoved, climbed into trucks (yes, trucks used to park near our building and we used to climb into them for fun 😀 ), threw stones to get at fruits, skinned my knees and scraped my elbows like the best of them.
  • Stealing a point from rayshma’s post – I have never believed in dieting. I eat what I want, be it fattening or not. ‘Course, my slim-fit genes help too 😉
  • I have always wanted to sport a super-short haircut – I don’t mean a crew-cut, but something boycut-like, if you know what I mean – and recently got my hair styled pretty short. Not as short as I liked, but almost there.

While on this topic, I have never been a fan of the thought that ‘every girl must have long tresses’. Let those who really want to have long hair manage them, ’tis not for me!

  • I don’t believe in the eyelash fluttering, coy, dumb bimbette stereotype. I have a brain, and I choose to show it!!
  • When packing for a trip, I don’t find it necessary to have a matching pair of sandals/heels for every outfit or occasion. A pair of sneakers suits me just fine.
  • If I am given a choice between going for a super-duper sale and doing something outdoorsy, I’d choose the latter. No competition.


** – is something my bro told me when I mentioned this post topic to him.