I saw Beauty & the Beast yesterday. In 3D. And broke all my ideas about fairy tales.

It was the 1st time I was watching this classic (had only read it earlier), and somehow, didn’t love it. I don’t know if the animations were re-done, or just the voice-overs were new. It just didn’t mesh well. It was, you know, a bit too modernized for a happily-ever-after tale. ‘No one takes cheap shots like Gaston’, & ‘he is just so-so’. Really? I don’t think the good old tales would have lines like these. Or maybe I have just grown up and refuse to believe it. Sigh.

There was a concept in the movie though, which I liked. It was something I christened ‘The temper room’ – one where the beast goes to rant and rave and look at his precious rose. And he goes there whenever he is angry, and rips all paintings, and breaks the furniture and just shreds everything to pieces. No one goes there to clean up, either. What use, when it’s just going to be devastated again? Shouldn’t everyone have such a room each, used just for venting anger? Kinda like a self-imposed timeout. Would reduce much of the anger-currents out in the world!