Andre Agassi. His life. His story. His career. His tennis. His loves. All distilled into 1 awesome book called ‘Open’.

This book is Agassi’s autobiography ( I would have called it memoirs though). It is sassy and non-autobiographical (read non-preachy). At times, it is difficult to believe you are reading about a celebrity, it is written that intimately; It totally draws you in. Ofcourse, I more than gushed over it because in addition to Agassi himself, it name-drops all his tennis peers, whom I have grown up watching play Grand Slams on TV(and have adored quite a few of which too.) And it talks about Steffi Graf. Respect.

The book itself is very well written, abounding with metaphors and beautifully worded non-preachy(there’s that word, again) advices. The epilogue does give away that Agassi himself hasn’t written the book, which was pretty evident early on. But whether he wrote it or not, it is Agassi’s life in that book. And what a life it is!

If you have, at any time in your life, played, or followed tennis, you must read this book.

This is a book I waited to read for over a year. It was well worth it.