Is back. How do I know?

The weather thermostat has switched ornight from pleasant-cold to tan-me hot. You see it in the heat haze clouding the distance through which vehicles appear miraculously, shiny bright roofs with the sun reflecting off, and dusty everywhere else that the sun cannot touch. You can see schoolkids lolling tiredly after school, their shoes and socks liberally streaked with the red-playground-dust, chendus (cricket-balls) in hand. They are wearing their P.T. uniforms, which are now crumpled and untucked and bear vestiges of the same red-dust which is so distinctly equated with dry and dusty school playgrounds, and are chattering excitedly over what I assume is the upcoming school-break.

Wish I could go back to the summer of childhood, with a 2 month long vacation beckoning promisingly from ahead.