By Ashok Banker.
Having read his narrative of the Ramanayan a few years back, I figured I might pick up another of his books. The book title and blurb seemed interesting enough, and I am always a sucker for mytho-magic (term borrowed from Percy Jackson series) tales. And this one had Ganpati as the main figure. So, temptation enough.

And then I read it. Technically, I can’t call the book a let-down as I had no expectations from it. However, I hated the book. Idea behind the book was 5 disparate humans all over the earth are chosen as representatives by Ganesha himself, for finding an end to the strife in all of the universe’s living beings. The 5 people chosen are stereotypes – as an example, twins from Japan who are a manga illustrator & a manga writer; seriously, do people in Japan do nothing else? Banker also goes into mundane, nano-scopic detail on each and every possible thing which often make no sense to the reader (This later on is actually a good thing, because by this time I was on to his game, and skipped entire pages of drivel). Tell me you, will you get the significance of the Shiv Sena and its antipathy for English names etc if you have not resided in Mumbai for atleast some time? And this was a part I got. What about other colloquialisms from other nations? I have read many books where authors have rendered details which have drawn you in; this one talks like a boring neighbour you are forced to sit with and sip tea while your mind wonders when he will stop talking nonsense and let you leave.

So this is not a review of the book, as you will have guessed by now. Neither will I go into detail about all the things I didn’t like about the book or the writing (trying not to do my impersonation of the boring neighbour here šŸ˜‰ ). I am just saying, that never again am I picking up another book by the same author, let alone the promised continuation of this series.Yes, Gods of War is the 1st of a series.
I generally do not like books by Indian authors; this author is yet another boundary which demarcates that land to me.