I’ve read a few Terry Pratchett books before this one. Some of those, I really loved. Some, let us just say, did not make the cut. So when I picked this one up, I was apprehensive about which category it would fall into.

I’ll happily say this is one of the former. It is full of Pratchett’s insanely sane writing. He takes Logic, turns it upside down, and then proceeds to turn your head upside down to match the logic, so it all makes perfect sense eventually.

I don’t have it in me to distill the wonderful 394-page read into a summary of some lines, so I’ll just include a selection of choice lines from the book.

There’s overheads wherever you look.
Even underfoot?
There too, sir.

Oh, I always shop at night, sir,when I am after .. bargains.

So many thoughts scrambled for the emergency exit in Moist’s brain that only one remained..

He stopped and stared at the sheep, which stared back in a calm, enigmatic way. For some reason, he felt it should have a saxophone and a little black beret.

ETA: The man looked as though he’d tried, like any self-respecting necromancer, to grow a proper goatee beard, but owing to some basic lack of malevolence it had turned out a bit sheepish.

If you still want to read a plot synopsis, go here.