How. you return to writing? you go back to the mental space you occupied, when you could capture your thoughts into solid words? How do you undo the effects of some months during which you have posted not a single word; in which every moment spent not writing took you a step farther away from the entire process? you explain to yourself, and ironically to your blog, and to any phantom readers, that the reasons for not writing are many, and yet not significant really to explain the consistent staying away? How do you rationalize the gamut of feelings from being intensely in love with the activity of writing, of blogging; to relegating the fact that you have a blog to the back of your mind? How do you count the many times you have sat with fingers on the keyboard, willing them to move and type something? And the other times, when the thoughts that have gone through your mind and which some other section of your mind has instantly classified as bloggable – for old habits do die hard – have yet remained in-situ?

How do you climb back aboard when you have effectively jumped ship?

Slowly, steadily, hand over hand, I guess.