With a title like that, I totally won’t blame you for predicting what the post is about. Infact, I will be upset if you don’t get it.

So TShirts. What triggered this post is the Sardarji I saw last week and his clothes. Now in general sardarjis are known for their flamboyant clothing (most of them, anyway). This guy had a very unorthodox turban cloth, but it was acceptable. His tee, on the other hand… shudder.

I don’t have a pic, but, will attempt to explain. There was some cartoon character printed on the tee, with something like multiple levels of faces, and not the entire face, but just the portion with the eyes. So imagine (you must! ) a multi tiered face with 7 stacked pairs of eyes and rest of the face normal. This beauty is green coloured on a white background, and has 2 fingers in its mouth, presumably to whistle.

I tell you, if I had seen this just after my lunch, I would have thrown up, it was that disgusting. I don’t know how that guy’s kids and wife faced him that morning. Or if his sartorial sense was a clue, maybe, he was unmarried. (God bless his future nonwife and nonchildren).

On other lines :

One guy wore a tee with ‘Looking good is not a crime’. I was so tempted to tell him to give it a try then. 😉

Another one : ‘I’m not with stupid anymore’. That left me stumped. Clues, anyone?