A very common sight in Pune:


No mesdames et messieurs, they do not cover up a la terrorists because of their faith, or because of cold weather. It is due to the heat & pollution & dust that they so wrap (cocoon? suffocate? smother? ok, I’ll stop now) themselves.

Which begs the question, how on earth do these ladies recognise each other when they meet up (or indeed how does anyone else recognise them)? All that’s visible is the eyes.. do they have some sort of eye sign language? Or do they have a special scarf which is unique to each? Or do they pre-decide the colour of their clothing as a means of identification?

As a colleague of mine said once “How do the guys in this town flirt?”

And what if these ladies mis-identify someone? Imagine this..

Lady 1:(Tapping someone on the shoulder) Hey Hi, good to see you. (Unwraps herself, or uncocoons herself, or.. you get the idea)
Lady 2 unwraps herself. They stare at each for 10 sec.

Both: Damn!
Wrapping up process starts again for both.

P.S. Image courtesy Flickr(http://www.flickr.com/photos/ericparker/2190051348/) via the Google God. If anyone reading this finds their mugshot up here and would like it removed, leave me a comment or email. On second thoughts, let’s leave it there na, who’s gonna recognise it anyway!