Part I

I picked this up from a younger cousin’s stash of books, having effectively ignored it for a long time now. I had always had the impression that it would be gross, ‘how does anyone have a game on fighting to the death anyway?’, ‘how can they make that standard reading for kids?’ and so on. Long story short, it is nothing of the sort. It is not gross, not very bloody (I’m finicky about these things I tell you), and definitely not boring. After a few false starts of picking it up, reading a few pages, putting it down and forgetting for weeks, I pretty much read the rest of it in one sitting.

The writing is crisp, the story already well known to all (and I loved the little bit of history the author has provided about Panem, the Capitol and the 13 districts; she has wisely left space for a prequel and numerous movie contracts there), the characters rootable, and overall, while it is not a very imaginative ride, it is gripping.

I am now hoping to read part II soon. Overall, a good read.