Daily Prompt: Why do you blog?

The title for this prompt is apt, it is indeed a million dollar question. And after seeing the stark question “why do you blog?”, I cannot go away, ignoring this prompt like I ignore all the other daily prompts.

I started blogging, when I was occupying a physical and mental space much different from the one I occupy now. I started blogging after a random comment made by a friend who blogged (not a blogger friend, there’s a difference). I started blogging, never imagining I would still be blogging more than six years later.

Coming back to the very blunt and beautifully short question, on why I (still) blog. I love writing. I love converting those random, messy thoughts in my head into something real and readable. I love hearing from the folks who read, and take the effort to leave genuine comments. I love the criss crossing of those comments, which forms a spider’s web* of virtual blogger and non blogger friends. I love putting out my writing for public perusal, though I have not publicized my blog and only willingly share the link with a very few folks.

I blog, because I can.

*Incidentally, has anyone else noticed the six degrees of separation in the blogging world? That can quite become another post in itself.