Daily Prompt: Is the glass half-full, or half-empty?

2 beers. Comin’ right up.

Pour, slosh, tap tap drip. Some beer ends up on the polished and drunk wood. Hell, with the amount of alcohol it imbibes in one night, it wouldn’t be allowed to be in the passenger seat even.

Sip, glug, drink drink drink. Wait, the beer is now at that mark. Half. Now let the debate start.


Half empty fellas. I could use some more. Pour. See? It took in more, it was half empty.

Half full, I say. I am still drinkin’ outta it. Ain’t I? Couldna do that if it was empty.

Half empty Jed, half empty.

Yea, is the same. Empty by full or empty by half, I’ll have none of it. It has beer enough for me to drink, so half full it is.

And so the debate goes on into the night.

All right guys, I gotta close up now. Can’t have y’all sitting here thru’ the night, the missus will have ma head.

Everyone filters out.


Wipe glasses clean, upend them on shelves. Switch off the lights and close shop.

“Y’know, I never got that debate.”

“Aah, not you too!”

“Well why not, they are talking about us anyway.”

“You figure? It’s life, idiot. They talk about life.”

“I know. And I prefer empty, the day’s end, rest. Not the constant wet wet work. We have a life too, y’know.”