Someone might write, or may have already written, why this is THE must watch movie for this year, so what the heck, here’s my own compilation of ten unbeatable reasons you should watch Gravity and be awed by it. You don’t find me glorifying a movie, any movie, too often so when I do, you better sit up and take notice.

1) The 3D visuals. There’s a reason they are top of the list.
2) The tight editing. There are promising movies that somehow go overboard. And others which are tightly reined in, keeping you on the edge of your seat, hand to your sliently ‘O’ed mouth.
3) Sunrise over the earth. And countless other shots of Earth seen directly, indrectly, in visor reflections, through port holes, you name it. The blackness of space. The silence. The gravity and lack of it. The constellations. The ‘night’ sky. Essentially, all things space-y.
4) Matt Kowalsky’s sense of humour. Whoever dreamt up that guy and gave him dialogues and breathed life into his character deserves nothing less than an Oscar. Make that 10 oscars. Goerge Clooney might have been wasted in that role, but hey, you can’t imagine anyone else doing that role with such panache either.
5) Sandra Bullock. And her awesomely fit body. The guys can go drool over her and we women can all sigh and hope to attain that perfection. What. a. body. Although, too bad Clooney didn’t get to show off any.
6) When Sandra B gets cut adrift. When George C gets cut adrift. When things don’t get cut adrift.
7) How much you root for Dr. Ryan Stone to get back and get out alive, until the very very end.
8) Sharrif going very very briefly “Mera joota hai japani”. Genius touch, though invisible and unapparent to the non Indians out there.
9) The fire extinguisher scene. It is just genius the way the extinguisher is used, and you totally don’t see it coming. If I told you more I’d have to erase your memory and that would make this list totally pointless, wouldn’t it?
10) The visuals. Unless you are a multi gazillionaire, this is the closest you will come to getting into space.