Not unlike Sarah Palin, I have discovered that I too can invent words. Hence the goodest. Unlike Sarah Palin however, I will explain the reasoning behind the invention and not attribute it to Shakespeare.

Note the goodest. Not best. Best would indicate really the most superior, the best of the good samaritans. By goodest however, I mean those samaritans who really want to do good deeds, not necessarily from the motive of doing good. The motive could be to cheat the system (any system), or an inability to see others in a position they couldn’t achieve. And the goodest samaritan always, but always, inflicts his good on an unwilling recipient. I know, because I was the unwilling recipient of such goodness on 2 separate occasions.

To give you a background, both these incidents happened in BEST buses (which are one of the mainstays of Bombay, God bless them!). These buses have reserved seating for ladies, earlier 3, increased to 6. Also, they have recently introduced a system of an all day ticket, worth Rs. 25, which a person can use all day in any direction, within city limits, but which, while not explicitly mentioned, is safe to assume are non-transferable and are for use by one person only. Read more…