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A Bittersweet romance:
Lindt dark chocolate squares with raspberry filling.

Gooey, delicious. And I have some waiting in my fridge right now. Excusemewhileigoindulgemyself. kbye.


Cacophony ~ A parrot named Caco, imitating the full vocal range ( and the orchestral exertions) of a rock-band.

#2 – Give an example of…

Humming tunelessly ~ The action , and the ensuing sound, made by your PC or laptop when over-burdened with numerous processes, while trying to keep up to the task, and simultaneously make its protest known. [This is just my guess, but it could also be trying to entertain you with its musical renditions].


I think starting a series would be a good idea. Nothing as grandiose as a novel though. Just plain sentences should do. So here’s the first (hope more will follow, and this won’t be the only one. It will put a sad end to my so-called series). Will try to give alternate definitions to words/phrases, striving for some light humour along the way (ofcourse, the humour may be totally as seen by me, so won’t guarantee universal happiness! )

Suggestions and additional definitions via comments are most welcome!

False cheeriness ~ The sun shining brightly out on a snow-laden scene, with the sky grey, overcast and sullen; threatening to spill more and more of that snow on to poor unsuspecting peoples’ heads.

Could also be given as an example of “lulling (someone) into a false sense of security”.