Y’all, (if there’s a y’all still remnant) , I’m breaking away from my usual topics and rants to post something different.

My brother, whose links and art I had last posted here, has now put up on his blog;

[ART] Call for Topics : For a cause

So read this — If you, or anyone you know, suffers from any kind of disorder / disability and would like to use my Art towards some positivity and happiness, please drop me a comment below and i will draw a silhouette-painting for you. ….

You can read the full post on his blog, and yes, he does this as a hobby and will not charge anything.

So go ahead; read, see, comment; if you like the concept and the art, share with your people, put it on FB, twitter, whatever. ‘Coz a little bit of good can go a long way.