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Million Dollar Question

Daily Prompt: Why do you blog?

The title for this prompt is apt, it is indeed a million dollar question. And after seeing the stark question “why do you blog?”, I cannot go away, ignoring this prompt like I ignore all the other daily prompts.

I started blogging, when I was occupying a physical and mental space much different from the one I occupy now. I started blogging after a random comment made by a friend who blogged (not a blogger friend, there’s a difference). I started blogging, never imagining I would still be blogging more than six years later.

Coming back to the very blunt and beautifully short question, on why I (still) blog. I love writing. I love converting those random, messy thoughts in my head into something real and readable. I love hearing from the folks who read, and take the effort to leave genuine comments. I love the criss crossing of those comments, which forms a spider’s web* of virtual blogger and non blogger friends. I love putting out my writing for public perusal, though I have not publicized my blog and only willingly share the link with a very few folks.

I blog, because I can.

*Incidentally, has anyone else noticed the six degrees of separation in the blogging world? That can quite become another post in itself.

Turn and Turn and Turn

Daily Prompt: For many of us, winter is blooming into spring, or fall hardening into winter. Which season do you most look forward to?

So change the seasons. One melding into the next, the 2nd merging into the 3rd. Colours change, temperatures change, clothing styles change.

Those familiar with India would know we have 3 distinct seasons in the year, or well, used to have them before climate changes happened and now it’s majorly 2 seasons with only a very few months of the 3rd. I am speaking of the summer, the colloquial ‘rainy’ season aka the monsoon, and the winter. What part of India you reside in would determine the brevity of these seasons, and consequently the strength of your affection towards these. In my nook of the world, nestled by the sea, the winters are laughably short, the summers hot and humid and long. Is it any surprise I look forward to the monsoon? It washes away the grime and heat left behind by the summer, reveals the hidden greenery all around, brings a pleasantness to the air. The temperatures reduce much, the coolness and breezes start with gusto, many trees bring forward their full flowering and fruiting(is that a word?) skills. The famed mango makes its appearance on the streets, people pack off to the nearest hill stations for trekking expeditions.
Of course, I am romantising this season, and for every person you speak to who likes the rains, there will be ten others who hate it for the muddy streets and streaks, the traffic snarls, the impossible to avoid drenching, the sudden showers. If you wish to love it, look for the thunderstorms, the jagged lightning forks in the sky and the lovely wet earthy smell however, all other things seem small then.