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More mushrooms

“Dene waala jab bhi deta, deta chappar phaad ke” /
“When God/the giver gives, he gives much beyond one could imagine.”

From the last week I was craving to eat mushrooms. Then we had invited people over for dinner, so I cooked a lovely (even if I say so 😉 )mushroom sabji in huge quantities on Saturday. Which was not finished so we ate it on Sunday. Then Sunday night we went to an italian place whose mushroom ravioli I had loved the last time and ordered again. That makes two days of mushrooms.

Monday morning at lunch hour: I take my usual serving of the soup-of-the-day. While paying, I ask, which is today’s soup?

Mushroom soup!!

I was giggling away for the next 10 minutes.

Love~letters edition twee

For the background info, see here

So the lady in question again kept a letter on our doorstep. She says ‘I don’t want to sound boring’, but we are still making a lot of noise, and she would be very happy if we could reduce it. She apparently is not well, and hence every sound is probably amplified for her. Now while I can empathise with her situation, I cannot fix something which according to me is not a problem. I cannot stop walking, I cannot start gliding. I cannot make less sound than I currently do coz then I would have to be either a cat or a ghost, and I prefer to become neither right now. Plus if I turned into a poltergeist, it would only mean more trouble for her.

What offended me most (and will have you all ROFLing) is that in the first letter, she had compared our (me and roomie) walking style to that of a herd of horses galloping across. Now, she has upgraded us to a herd of elephants running up and down the apartment. Well, the consolation here is that she has dead-ended herself; now no matter how much more noise we make, she cannot find anything bigger than the largest land mammal in existence to compare us with.

I am not all without heart though.. so I replied nicely and included a bunch of flowers for her (Munnabhai-style) but only popped them in her mail box instead of handing over to her. It’s been 2 days and she hasn’t collected the letter or the flowers still. The flowers are now dead and I am regretting my impetuosity.

I hope she’s not that ill!

..And created a puddle in my living room

Different apartment, different country, but weirdness happens. Part I was here. Part II follows:

So today, the roomie came back from work to find water spilled on to the TV table and on the floor around. Not just a few drops, but more like someone had upset a glass of water and just left it there. In an area quite far from the bathroom or kitchen, or anywhere water could logically be. There’s no water on the walls or ceiling, and water certainly doesn’t practise osmosis on wooden floors in its spare time. The apartment agent always calls before coming, and the house owner is in Spain. Nobody else I could think of has the keys. Everything in the house is just as it is, nothing’s disturbed, nothing’s missing. Except the water’s on the floor. And there’s no logical reasoning which can account for its being there.

Suffice to say we are a bit spooked out.

It’s my best friend’s wedding in August. Í was planning to be there for her wedding, but now, it doesn’t look at all feasible. I cannot even begin to say how upset i am.

Thank you Lord for everything.

I had a movie moment today. No, i wasn’t being pursued by paparazzi who were clicking away furiously. I mean the movie action scenes where stunts are pulled off. Like a helicopter (or strange and unexpectedly huge paraphernalia) falling on to a busy freeway and the hero manoeuvering his car expertly through the debris or from under the falling meteor (can call it that, no?) to freedom.

Well, before your wild imaginations sprint away, this is not what happened either. The car i was in was on the fastest lane on the freeway, when a huge trailer came up alongside. Okay, no big deal, happens. But what doesn’t, or shouldn’t happen is that there is another trailer in the slowest lane, which this one is trying to overtake and in that attempt is going faster than us. So while accelerating, a huge (i mean HUGE) slab of snow falls sideways from the roof of the trailer, directly in our lane, where we will reach in 2 milliseconds. It’s snow, so it mostly shatters into powder on hitting the ground, though some chunks fly up and hit our windscreen. It’s so fast we can’t do anything to avoid it, and we are so shaken we don’t even honk at the trailer.

Thank God nothing happened to us or the car. Now, had it been ice…….

In which the snows melted away.. (OR The mystery of the missing couch)

..due to the warmer weather, and so did the couch. You must believe me.

Our couch outlived its usefulness, and we decided it had to part ways with us. Due to the snow and cold weather, we moved it to the patio as the first stop before its final destination of the garbage dump. In time we forgot about it, ‘coz you see, blinds aren’t opened much during winter anyway. One month passed and the couch remained in situ, surrounded by little piles of snow. One fine day, i came home from work to find the room filled with light. Thought bubble went – Hurrah. The days are growing longer again. The snow is melting away. Yayayay.. Enter right – roommate. With a puzzled look – Did you ask anyone to move the couch when we weren’t home? The penny drops – Oh the couch is missing? That’s why there’s so much light!!!

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