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Seen on a board at an Autorickshaw parking place.

“You’re soul responsible for your own vehicle.”

Very, very bad English. Or very, very good philosophy. Take your pick.

Lost my mojo, need a refill. Anyone know where I can buy a cuppa?

Car bumper sticker:
“Stay Away.
I work for Fevicol.”

Clever, clever!

Eh, what?

” Service Only Old Bricks Bats”

Someone decode that for me please.

I saw ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ recently. Before you ask what was I thinking, lemme tell you, I try to watch Madhavan movies. There, I said it. 😀

My random-points review of the movie follows:

. Such a waste of such a potentially bright story. Such a waste. They even had Madhavan. If only they had replaced Kangana ‘must-act-mad-always’ Runout. Or even tamed her a lil bit.

. Madhavan’s character is so spineless. I know that’s the intention, so that in the end he can mouth a 2-bit dialogue about ‘backseat pe baithne ka time chala gaya hai’. Still, a half-bit of bone wouldn’t have hurt him.

. The scene in which he mouths the following dialogue to Kangana made me want to slap him. I’m surprised she didn’t do that, shown as she is to be a spitfire. “Sabne jo kaha, woh kiya. Engineering, doctori…blah blah…pacemaker.. blah blah.. email. facebook.” and then breaks down and starts sobbing. Really? Email? Facebook? People told him to do that? And he obeyed? Just for the heck of it? *Eyes wide as saucers*

. The story completely loses it after the intermission. Jimmy Shergill is Kangana’s beau. How? Didn’t he already have a fiancee? Madhavan makes so many back and forth trips, vacillating between ‘to be or not to be’ that he must have a special frequent-travller ticket for that journey.

. Don’t you just dislike those movies which bankrupt themselves of all their interesting, or awwww moments during the trailers itself? Watch the trailers and the movie is watched.

. How does such a sharif, cultured family get a daughter like ms. runout? Where does she get her regular doses of Vodka et all, and manage a string of boyfriends under all that strict supervision?

. Such a waste….. 😦

On another note, wanted to mention a movie (P.S. I love you) I haven’t seen completely yet, only snippets here and there a couple of times.
Saw some part (until then unseen) of it some days back, where Gerard Butler (Sigh…..) tells his wife (forgot her name… 😀 ) how he fell in love with her when he first met her. That scene just made me go all Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.

So what’s your favourite ‘awwwww” scene from the movies? And what’s your ‘could have been so better than this’ movie?

Grim fairy tales

The shoemaker and the elves – reincarnated as ‘The programmer and the elves’


There was once a programmer who worked very hard and was very honest. He did earn enough money to live on, but never got the time to spend it, as he was always hunched over his laptop, working on the latest assignment which had unreasonable delivery dates.

One day, he was assigned a task and given a more unreasonable than usual deadline to finish it. It looked like he would have to skip – 6 meals, a bath, charging his iPhone, checking his emails – and still travel back in time to last month to get it done. No wonder he was panic stricken. He gulped several times when told to do the task, and then, like others of his ilk, nodded and got down to it. He stayed in the office as long as he could, and then when the insistent phone calls (they were from his home, btw) took a threatening turn, he hibernated his machine (Powered down? Are you crazy?) and travelled home. Once there, he had 1 meal, mollified the threatener and then, of course, got back to work. If it is any consolation to you, he did not charge his phone, neither did he check his emails. Time travel was of course out of the question.
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