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Be a tough man! **

There is a tag floating around – my sins against gender stereotypes. Been tagged by Dewdette, who hasn’t put up her entry yet. 😀

So this is supposed to be a tag where I list ten things I have ever wanted or done which my gender is not supposed to do. Hmm. Rather thought-provoking, since every successive generation grows more modern and liberated than the previous. So what might have been tabboo for women in my grandmother’s age may be fairly acceptable now. Looking at it that way, I have done a lot of things women my grandmother’s generation would not have been allowed to do – Study upto whatever level I wished to, stay alone, travel overseas alone, work in a male-dominated industry, wear trousers, choose not to get married at the age of 20, have male friends.. the list is endless.

However, if you look at it as things women are not supposed to do in this day and age, well, that’s a bit difficult. My parents have brought me up pretty much without many restrictions. No, I am not a wild-child, but there haven’t been clauses ‘ you can’t do this because you are a girl’, or ‘your brother is allowed to do this but you can’t’. Restrictions there were/are, but more because of common sense than the above reasons. Getting why this tag is difficult, now? 🙂

I haven’t been able to list ten things though.. so don’t put me in the box of ‘girls can’t do math’ 😛

  • I have always been one for tools & tool-boxes. I loved to tinker around with broken radio sets, and other electrical/mechanical stuff as a kid and was usually the one to rush for the soldering iron at home if some wires came apart.
  • In sync with above point, I have been the one to (try and ) fix any domestic applicances, change light-bulbs, climb up on counters to fix hard-to reach fixtures. Especially more so when I was staying away from home. Read more…

Tag time

So, I want to increase the post-count. And I have nothing to write about. And I am feeling like hearing people talk about me. I normally don’t do tags, but this is different. I don’t have to write about myself, you see. Also, it’s a good time for people to delurk. *sigh. I know there aren’t any lurkers.*
So I am shamelessly swiping it from here.

here, i do not answer questions!… or yap about myself, but people who have been reading this blog, or know me personally or otherwise, will in their comments mention ONE thing about me… good or bad… the option is all yours, people!!

Go on people, write. Don’t stint on the words. Keep it coming. And if you don’t know what to write, lie. 😀

Bookaholics Anonymous

So Galadriel tagged me to write about my most favourite characters from literature. My response to this tag was in serious danger of becoming as long as a book itself, so I had to severely curtail it. Here are some of my fav chars from books I have read and enjoyed. I have tried (though not very hard) not to include the usual suspects. And given that the list is mostly full of the usual suspects, I won’t really describe them. 😀


Rhett Butler (Gone with the wind) – Alright, so go ahead and sue me. I can’t help liking this guy, though my image of him before and after seeing the movie is rather mixed up with Clark Gable.

Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice ofcourse) – So double sue me. 😀 But yes, I like Elizabeth Bennet equally well.

Bernard Woolley (Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister) – The third party in the Hacker-Appleby wars, this guys is funny. Though he’s torn between the two principal parties, his presence balances the act. Can’t really quote him here though ( ‘coz I don’t remember any of his dialogues 😉 ).

Aragorn (The Lord of the rings) – Galadriel, please forgive me for not including your namesake here, but she pales before Aragorn 😀

My blog-name namesake – Alice from the famous Alice in Wonderland. This girl has adventures and how!

Captain Nemo (20,000 leagues under the sea) – Ever since I read this book, I have thought roaming the oceans in a submarine would be cool. 

Read more…

A matter of life or death

So i read this sometime ago and thought “Well, it’s good she didn’t tag me coz i don’t really have any death-defying incidents to write about.”
Then today, some of us were discussing the terrible weather going on the past week – well, i am sure it’s not terrible for all..might be loved by – say penguins, but i digress. after the snow and ice and wind talk turned to mumbai rains and the flooding of 26th july 2005. Then i found myself thinking – Coming out of that incident alive and safe and in one piece was no mean feat. Though walking from seepz(andheri) to dadar may be accomplished easily by mumbai marathon-ers, its not easy when the way is filled with waist (and often chest) high water and there are no lights; when there are very few means and opportunities of communicating with your loved ones, or telling them you are safe and there are people with you, or of knowing how they are faring. When a distance that’s often travelled in less than 2 hrs takes you more than 6 to walk and nothing but the thought of home keeps you moving.
For months after that, i have cringed on seeing those areas of wadala,bandra and dharavi again which i had waded through. I have thanked God that a colleague, Anuj was with me throughout. I have also berated myself for not being alert enough to realise that moving out of office in such weather was a big boo-boo.
I can end the post with morals about strengths and perseverance et all, but the most important part of that experience was the point when i realised that no matter how long it took, i would reach home.

Dearly beloved

Tagged by Rayshma to ‘write about the one material possession that i absolutely cherish.’ Like i said, tough. No one object holds that distinction. Nor does it mean that i have given up all material comforts. I do have possessions which i cherish, and here they are.

1. My car – probably my costliest purchase till date, and the most valued due to the same reason. i don’t easily trust others with my car, only a select few. Also is my first car, bought with my own money, and after a long and arduous research spanning over more than a month.

2. My ‘Snow-white’ Disney watch – my first ever ‘proper’ watch, with the seven dwarfs at the center and snow-white going round them all the time. I outgrew that watch eventually, but it’s still not thrown away. (Did i ever mention i love watches?)

3. All my books, and especially these – A set of James Herriot’s gifted by my sis and jiju for my birthday, and a ‘Yes Prime Minister’ gifted on my birthday by a dear friend from halfway across the world.

4. Any clothing or object i have ever borrowed from my sis – Read this for a more succint explanation of the reasons than i could ever hope to give.

Well, that about covers it. I am sure i am missing many things here, but i faithfully promise to update this soon as i remember. 🙂

All you ever wanted to know but didn’t know whom to ask!

There’s a tag going around. And i caught it. So here’s a list of silly answers for a list of silly questions. Or silly questions when i have no answers (or don’t want to give them 😛 ). Butttttt, you gotta do what you gotta do, for the purpose of enlightening some folks. So…

1. How do you feel after a one night stand?
I need to sit. Now!

2. Do you ever get used to wearing a thong?
Why, you wanna try?

3. Does it hurt?
You mean if i give you a swift kick in the pants for asking such questions? Let’s try, shall we..

4. Do you know when you are acting crazy?
Sure do. Wouldn’t be half as much fun otherwise.

5. Does size really matter?
Solitaires – yes. House – yes. Paycheck – yes. Surprise gifts – yes. Errm, did you say next question?

6. When the bill comes, are you still a feminist?
A resounding yes. Unless you are one of those who treat women like fluff and insist on shielding them from the hard facts of life (like a big bill). I am all for that too.

7. Why do you take so long to get ready?
I just dont have to shrug on a jacket to cover the tee, do i? If i did, i wouldn’t take long either.

8. Do you watch porn, too?
In addition to what else? 😀

9. Will something from Tiffany’s solve everything?
It depends. If i like it, it just might.

10. Are guys as big of a mystery to you as you are to us?
Nope. Guys are all slotted, compartmentalized and done. Where’s the mystery? Read more…