The heady smell of freshly cut grass. The headier spin of the crowd’s ovations.

The sharp twang of a racquet meeting a ball. Its sharper swish when cutting through the air.

A drop shot. Cheers. A net fault. More cheers. A powerful crosscourt rally. Missed shots. Long shots. Net shots converted to net points. Smashes galore. Balls crossing the court at rare angles, shot like bullets from an unerring gun.

A worthy opponent.

Legs racing, heart pumping, hands wielding the racquet, forehand to backhand. Eyes figuring out loopholes, the next placement. The brain taking it all in.

A hit. A miss. So close. An ace.

A smile of truimph. A fist in the air. Not for an opponent well defeated, but for a match well won.

Game, Set and Match.

Inspired by today’s Federer Vs. Nalbandian Wimbledon match. Go, Fedex.