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Two girls hunched over a crossword puzzle in the bus …

Girl 1: The clue for the next word is ‘State of Uncertainty’. Number of letters are..

Girl 2: I know. The answer is ‘Love’.

Girl 1: No silly. It’s 5 letters. And the answer is ‘Limbo’.

(Me: šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ )



Eh, what?

” Service Only Old Bricks Bats”

Someone decode that for me please.


At work..

I was cleaning up my communicator contact list, removing some folks and adding some, grouping them by team functions.

After a while, I sat back to look at the final list. FromĀ one particular team, there were Hills, and Brooks and a Moor(e) staring back at me.

I admit I was grinning away for a full five minutes after that.

Shatranj ke Khiladi

*This post is my attempt to put in words what I saw. A bird’s eye view pitcure would have been a zillion times better, but couldn’t be clicked. Read and imagine, is all I can say.

I was in an auto navigating it’s way through a very notorious crossroad near my office. It is famous for lack of traffic constables and traffic signals, and hence occurrence of nasty traffic snarls with vehicles of all sizes crossing in all directions. Yesterday, at the core of one such snarl was a van/sumo, owned by some company and with the brand name marked on the side. This van was surrounded on all sides by autos, cars, buses, 2-wheelers and was both the reason of the snarl and an effect of it. It couldn’t move forward due to traffic in 1 direction and couldn’t backout due to traffic in the other direction. Couldn’t move right or left because of traffic in other 2 perpendicular directions. If there was a gap and the van tried to make it, someone else cut it off. The van had nowhere to go.

Got the scene in your mind? Here’s the clincher.

The logo on the side of the van was ‘CHECKMATE’.

Some original jokes, sent your way for a mid-week dose of cheer.

What did the geek name his two pet tabbies?

Tab and Alt-Tab


Joe (glumly): I have got an elephant of a memory.
Frank: You mean, you’ve got the memory of an elephant.
Joe: No, I’ve got an elephant of a memory. It is huge, grey and difficult to get a grip on.


Laugh. It is obligatory.

Ā Ā Ā 

This latest signboard had me grinning all the way from the momentĀ I saw the hoardingĀ to until 5 minutes later when I entered a shop and had to shut my trap or risk being thought daft.

I just love the guys at Amul who think this up.

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