Had a nice day today…with quite some funny things happening.
While executing a piece of code, the IDE gave up and presented me with “Parallel query server died unexpectedly”. Ouch. R.I.P. , dear server. I nearly died laughing over their message. Later on in the day, in some meeting, this guy says “there were 12 board members in front of me that day”. My wandering mind caught that and told him (mentally ofcourse, i am a nice girl. not rude. seriously) “and there are 28 bored members in front of you today, sir!” Then this DBA (reads as Database Admin when translated into English) came up and said “i cant log in to the database” . Whoops, what am i, a mere developer to do if the Admin is locked out – go pray to the server Gods maybe? I hope he did, i need that server access soon. As a result of this event (non-event? whichever. Don’t quibble!) i had most of the afternoon free. From afar i saw this gang of ladies approaching. On a closer look, it was still a gang of ladies approaching. They came and nicely settled at my desk and started yakking away, disturbing everyone around. Weapons of Mass Destruction huh?
Post lunch a colleague had come up, and hearing me discussing ‘Happy Feet’ with someone, said, “i love animations. I have a (whole) collection of all the animated movies, latest and old.” i asked to borrow ‘Robots’…i got a blank look and a “what’s that?” Poor guy, he got it all mixed up. I kept a straight face, i did. I tell you, i am a nice girl.
And lots of other interesting stuff also happened during the other meeting, most of which i have now forgotten.  😦
I knew there had to be a reason people take notepads to meetings!

Remembered another incident: A colleague coded a service, to perform a specific action repeatedly. He named it ‘repeatSAM’. I think he should have called it ‘playItAgainSam’.